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written by Mickey on 2023-05-09

I learned C++ in the late 1990s, back then with Microsoft's Visual Studio C++ and the Microsoft Foundation Classes. When I left Windows behind and embraced Linux and macOS, I concentrated on Objective-C, Vala, and (since 2020, being late to the game) Swift.

Just recently I started getting into MCU programming (notably the ESP32-series). As I'm (still) not very fond of C, I was pleasantly surprised to see that C++ was supported well. I didn't look at C++ for almost two decades, but I like what the committee did since 2014. Type inference, move semantics, coroutines, ranges, and all that are pretty helpful and can help secure the usability of C++ in an almost saturated world of programming languages.

Naturally I started with abstractions, this time for FreeRTOS "objects". FreeRTOS is a simple, yet pretty capable operating system and it provides most of what you will need to write concurrent programs. Although ­– after stumbling about the most impressive Swift for Arduino ­– I had wished I could write in Swift, C++ is really fine these days. I have a nice development environment with a capable language now.

Stay tuned for a more detailed progress report of what I'm actually building.