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Fabrique Noir – Space Travel

written by Mickey on 2019-07-22

I'm enjoying creating music since 1981. First on analogue synthesizers (SIEL OPERA 6) and drum machines (ROLAND TR-505), later on with digital synths and workstations (KORG M1, KORG 01/Wfd). From 1986 to 1989 I created my music mainly on the COMMODORE AMIGA. The PC platform almost killed my motivation. Switching from hardware sequencers to a software sequencer was tough for me, later on an abundance of possibilities (I earned money and bought too many devices) somewhat paralyzed me. The birth of my daughter Lara-Marie in 2011 did add a share to my "uncreative pause".

Still, I never stopped enjoying (making) music, in the meantime with Pianos, Guitars, and Ukuleles. Over three decades worth of melody and text fragments have continued to haunt me again and again ("use us, finish us, ...").

When I had health issues early this year (everything well now), I finally vowed to my self to start releasing music again. Four months later the first result of these endeavours can be seen. Originally it should've been a completely different thing, but sometimes creative processes take their own turns.

My first album after three decades of mostly idling is called "Space Travel", inspired by the legendary Apollo 11 mission from 1969. It is an electronic album and available here:

As for the aforementioned melody and text fragments… apart from one tiny sequence, there is only new material on this album. I wanted to check whether I still have the mojo before going back in time. A bit of more info with regards to the tracks is here.