Things falling into place for P1

Two weeks before the first phase-1 devices are to be shipped, things start to fall into place. The hardware seems reasonably stable lately and we now have a working dialer and basic PIM applications. Just a couple of minutes ago, I got the vibrator to work from userspace.

The remaining construction sites before P1 devices are actually usable are the main-menu, task-manager, and the device management daemon. The latter being my primary area of interest — besides openmoko-libs of course — for the next weeks. I plan to write a lean-and-mean device manager based on previous work (both code and ideas) such as Richard Purdie’s zaurusd, Florian Boor’s microHAL, and the GNOME Power Manager.

I’m closely following the developments around OHM and HAL as well. Eventually, the neod may as well become a plugin for OHM, however as we need a quick plan of action now, the best way seems to go forward and start to implement something based on what’s already out there and running.

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  1. Morten wrote:

    How great! I’m soo looking forward till I can order my phase 1 phone. You’re doing a great job, you’re making somthing totally new that i think will revolutionise the way we think of a mobile.
    Keep it up! -Morten

  2. krico wrote:

    I want to get my hands on a phase 1 phone too!

    How do I do that?

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