Neo 1973 Phase 1 started

So we are finally selling hardware now. This is mainly a good thing, since we show that this device is not just vapourware. However, it is also a dangerous thing, since now people may buy this under false assumptions, being very disappointed because it (more or less) doesn’t do anything… To put this very straight:


It may not even always be a phone — since thanks to all the distracting hoops and roadblockers we had to jump through, the result is a software that’s really not up to par yet — everything is in an amazingly unsatisfying and rough state and I won’t bet on its ability to make or receive calls all of the time.

However, this doesn’t prevent it from being a revolutionary device — it is a canvas that will enable you developers to draw your own ideas upon — thus shaping the future of mobile communications and being a part of a great community. And it won’t be alone, there will be many more canvases to follow.

The really good thing is that not only are we super-committed to making this hardware and software platform a rocking success, but we also got some big guys standing behind us and supporting us. It may take a while for OpenMoko to really get off, but we already seem to scare some of the big players :D

If you ask me how long we will take to get to a device that is end-user friendly, then I will answer you: At least 6 months from now, perhaps even more. But don’t forget — this is more of an open source project than anything else. We release early and we release often — now go and flame us for that, because it doesn’t live up to your expectations. Or see it as the developer board it is and join us in developing a mobile platform based on openness, freedom and virtually endless possibilities.

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  1. nibbo wrote:

    “If you ask me how long we will take to get to a device that is end-user friendly, then I will answer you: At least 6 months from now, perhaps even more.”
    So the GTA02 won’t be a end-user friendly device when released?

  2. Marnix Klooster wrote:

    Hi Michael,

    I know that you and FIC really care about this. So why not make this a bit more explicit on the site? Apart from “we’re targeting developers”, say more explicitly, “save your money for October if you are not a developer”. Or something.

    Thanks for your hard work on this.

  3. mickey wrote:

    nibbo: Yes. When GTA02 is on sale, then the end-user friendly _hardware_ is available, however the end-user friendly _software_ will take some more months. 6 is my personal estimate.

  4. mickey wrote:

    Marnix: Yes. We will make (something like) this a requirement before you can actually confirm the order.

  5. Kunal Gandre wrote:

    Hi Michael,
    I had placed an order for the device yesterday under the presumption that it will be able to make and receive calls and will have a functional AGPS and a touchscreen. The rest of the software will be updated or can be build on the device.
    Were my assumptions right? Also, I never received an order confirmation.
    Great work with what I have already read about the platform and the device! I would be eager to contribute.

  6. Marcus wrote:

    I think my question is similar to Kunal’s, but if I were to order this one to try working and developing on it, I can later update the phone right? There will be updates to put on the phone as they are made for the older phones?

  7. Chad wrote:

    Marcus - yes, not only can you update the software but you have to right out of the box since it has simple test firmware.

    The debug board in the advanced kit can even rewrite the bootloader if it got bricked (corrupted) for some reason.

    From what I hear it can make and receive calls, although even that’s in a rough state. I don’t think the AGPS is hooked into any software but the daemon’s there. It shouldn’t be very long until it can be used as a Bluetooth GPS unit.

  8. Luca wrote:

    I think the question was about an hardware update.

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