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After bringing the Sid Player (and its siblings Pro and Lite) into the AppStore, we just delivered a new production, the Module Player (and its sibling Lite). The market-situation will be quite different this time, as there are already two other Module Players. We believe we have the highest quality play routine though and a proven user interface. 70000 mods at your fingertips! See the video for a short demo:

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  1. Karl wrote:

    Oh my god, another cool retro music player. Great job man! I love the Sid Player interface - I guess it will work great for the modland library.
    Is the video sound recorded from the player? If yes, you are right. It’s beyond belief.
    Thanks, great work.

  2. DnP wrote:

    What are the Lite versions limitations? It seems to be a full version.

  3. mickey wrote:

    The Lite version only provides access to a minimal set of the modland database (144 songs out of 70.000+) to permit a check whether one likes the sound and usability.

  4. artur wrote:

    hi. l have buy module player for iphone3g..
    l like very much&is better than sidplayer to use..but l want to ask:
    Why l can download only a limited number of songs…all the others l have to be connected to internet so l can listen to them.

  5. Rodriguez wrote:

    Is there an option to pre-download all the titles like on the sid player?

    Oh and a small bug I found:
    If I go to “Einstellungen” and check “About” and “More” there is still the information for the Sid Player displayed.
    (Only checked the Module Player light from the Swiss Appstore)

  6. Kai wrote:

    @Rodriguez: you really want to download the whole modland collection to your device? It’s about 1.6 GB of size.

    @arthur: each downloade song, stays within the cache. A checkmark indicates if a song is inside the cache.

  7. Stefan wrote:

    Sorry, but i ask in german: Wie hoch stehen denn die Chancen, einen solchen Player unter webOS auf dem Palm Pre zu bekommen oder auf Android-Phones? Besteht auch nur der Hauch einer Chance?

  8. Kai wrote:

    Solange man den Palm Pre nur mit JavaScript füttern kann, wohl eher schlecht.
    Aber falls sie das SDK für compilierte Sprachen öffnen - dann sollte es möglich sein.

    Update V1.0.1 is out today - cool!

  9. mickey wrote:

    Bei Android sehe ich danke des NDK eigentlich ganz gute Chancen. Brauche nur etwas Zeit, um mich da einzuarbeiten.

  10. artur wrote:

    l had a problem…after 255mb the file (files.sql)was blocked..l just erase it& now is ok :-), l buy module player from apple store in italy but the download all mode does not work ,so l have to download every single track :-)))

  11. Kai wrote:

    @arthur: I’ll try to download more then 255mb - could be a bug. Maybe the flash memory was full?

    The download all button was removed to limit transfer and space amount.

  12. Artur wrote:

    This happened the first time.l had to erase the files.sql.l think the entire collection is more than 1.6gb.l have download from 0-9 to Blazer & only this is almost 500mb.every 150mb l copy the sql file on my hard drive so l can copy the artists that l like most so l listen to them offline & have a lot of free space :-) bye

  13. Kai wrote:

    @Artur: could you provide both sql files to us? Please contact us by email, so we can investigate the problem.
    modplayer vanille de

  14. artur wrote:

    @Kai : l can give you the first..because since l’ve erase the first one it was clear that the program create another sql when you run it.and also the (modland090406.sql) & (SongCache) l said l had the problem only on the first one is 255mb.if you want it l can send it on will be on 25-26 parts winrar because l have yahoo & max part is 10mb..let me know if u want it.
    p.s -sorry for my bad english :-)

  15. Kai wrote:

    @Artur: plz contact us by email: modplayer at - I’ll open an ftp login for you, that will make things easier.

  16. NCG_Mike wrote:

    What happened to the lite version on the UK AppStore? I downloaded it last night but it’s gone now and I wanted a mate to have it…

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