GSoC: Rejected again

Looks like the project was rejected again as potential mentoring organization, same as last year. I guess I won’t bother applying any more. It’s not worth spending the time working on the submission when the whole process is completely intransparent and you don’t even get feedback. After having served for other projects as mentor and twice even as project admin for Openmoko, I’m somewhat disappointed about that. Looks like a truly FOSS middleware for embedded systems is nothing Google wants to support. Oh well, less to care about next year.

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  1. Constantin wrote:

    Sad…would have been a nice opportunity to push some Openmoko software projects. I’m quite disappointed, too, that after buying such a promising device now seems to go down the drain.

  2. Boudewijn wrote:

    The closing line is a bit negative: my FR is not going down the drain for sure, and I wouldn’t let Google decide that for me anyway.

  3. Esayas wrote:

    Hallo, my name is esu.I am a Global Innovation masters student at TUHH, Hamburg.I am now working on module level Openness analysis of OpenMoko.I would be happy if you could send me the list of OpenMoko platform API.I couldn’t locate them in Openmoko website. Thankyou for your time and help

  4. mickey wrote:

    This depends on what you would consider as being part of the Openmoko platform at all. I can only speak for the project and this API is fully documented at

    Please direct further questions to or the development mailing list.

  5. Why wrote:

    Why don’t you try at Canonical?

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