German Post on time!

And now for something completely different… while we are all waiting for my baby to arrive (who was scheduled for 25th of May), she just received her first greeting card – together with a personalized bib and a towel (with integrated hood – pretty fancy!) from my good friends at #openmoko-cdevel.

Guys, seeing this card was very heartwarming – it means a lot to me that you share my anticipation, thanks a lot! And I’m 100% sure she will appreciate her gifts… now let’s cross fingers it won’t take much longer… waiting is the hardest part of it :)



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  1. Claes Mogren wrote:

    I hope you get something even half as useful as my daughter got: , a VI Reference Bottle! She’s still using it every day until now, 1.5 years later.

    Congratulations btw! (My second daughter should come any day now too. :-))

  2. Klavs Klavsen wrote:

    If you think waiting for your baby is the hardest part of it.. wait til she actually arrives ;) - I’m finally starting to get a little shut-eye and “air” - after my youngest has turned 2 years :)

  3. Joerg wrote:

    crossing all my fingers and toes :-)

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