Amiga Modules


This page contains a list of modules containing songs I composed in the period between 1986 and 1989. Unfortunately, this list is not complete — after all it’s been a while and not everything has been preserved. Special thanks need to go out to my good old friend Martin ‘Equalizer’ Leissler who converted all these songs to PC — without him this archive would not exist. For some of the modules, I could even remember parts of stories or moods which were involved when I wrote the songs. I have to write these stories down - now! - before I forget even more of those things ;)

All of these modules are (C) Michael ‘Mickey’ Lauer — in ancient times when I created these songs also known as “Lord Performer Artworx” (LPA). Feel free to download and distribute further to your liking, but please retain my credits and backlink to this site.

The Modules


  • After the War: Kind of a post-apocalyptic theme. One interesting thing to notice is that the lead sample was taken from the legendary Commodore C64 game “Impossible Mission”. It says “Another Visitor. Stay a while - stay forever.”
  • Amiga goes Heavy: Odd mixture of electronic zap-sounds, distorted guitars, electro-style drums and a lead flute.
  • Art of Techno: Got a new metallic bass sound and the drums from Cameo’s “Word Up”. Add to that the “Dumm” voice sample taken from “Peter Gunn” in a version performed by the “Art of Noise”.
  • Asian Dance: Some Fifths intervals in the beginning plus an asian style lead flute.


  • Bacardi: The whole TGM team met at the house of our graphic artist Dennis (can’t remember his code name) and drank a lot (guess what :)).
  • Back Again: I took a pause for some months. Then I got pestered by our inofficial team leader (Hi Phil) to write a new demo and a song for a copy party. The demo was compiled out of some routines I had in stock - the songs starts out original then fades into a tribute to “All she wants is” from “Duran Duran”. Also featuring one of the characteristic LPA attributes: playing melodies with metallic noise samples :-)
  • Beyond 2000: Odd and futuristic thing with a crazy lead sample. Can’t remember what I smoked while composing that :) The choir is neat though.
  • Beyond Heaven: One of my better pieces. The lead melody tells a story and it has some great harmonies. Features a characteristic attribute of LPA songs… at some point, the song seems to end but starts into something new, more or less still embracing the main theme.
  • Beware of Traps: Got a new jump’n'run games featuring a great scary voice sample at the start. Combined that together with a tribute to “Wild Boys” from “Duran Duran” to something original.
  • Bonni on the Run: Neat little piece. Actually, I can’t remember who Bonni was and why he (or she) was on the run, but I do remember that I wrote this tune for one of the TGM Demos. The rest of the crew was very upset by that demo because I did put a huuuuge “Lord Performer Artworx” and a mini “of TGM-Crew” into it… hehe… :)


  • Call me Now: Peter Gabriels Pan Flute meets a base line and an intrusive lead. One of my more annoying pieces…
  • C.B. Today: One of those melancholic tunes motivated by intense feelings… she was and is a very good friend of mine although there were times when I would have us wanted to be more than just good friends…
  • Choose Her: This is a crazy tune featuring an insane lough ripped from an action game. There is also a voice sample saying “Choose your warrior” which motivated the title.
  • Chop Sui: Pretty boring tune with some chinese sounding bells and a Psygnosis Choir line.
  • Christina: One of three more or less melancholic pieces dedicated to a girl I fell in love with. Part I was getting to know her.
  • Christina II: One of three more or less melancholic pieces dedicated to a girl I fell in love with. Part II was the rise of hope that we may get together.
  • Christina III: One of three more or less melancholic pieces dedicated to a girl I fell in love with. Part III was how to cope with rejection.
  • CHZ2P: A nice piece featuring a few samples of one of my synthesizers, the SIEL Opera 6. A funny anectode: When I opened the “File Open” Dialog in the SoundTracker to load a high-hat sample, I accidantly clicked on (containing some binary metadata) instead of on the real sample. The sounded like pure noise - then again, not much different from a real high-hat and so I kept it :)


  • Deadlock: A melodic tune featuring some nice themes and great samples ripped out of Psygnosis games.
  • Deadlock ‘89: Variations on the deadlock theme (see above) featuring a nice flute and some NASA voice samples. This tune was written for one of the demos which won a copy-party award.
  • Deutschmark: Totally insane song around a voice sample saying “Deutschmark” which meant the currency we had in germany before the Euro. Took a sample and a part of the theme from the “Salt’n'Pepa” hit “Push It”.
  • Deutschmark II: Based on the voice sample “Deutschmark” (see above) with only slightly better melodies and chords. In fact, besides the voice sample, it’s a completely different song :)
  • Discovery: Nice melody - unfortunately I can’t remember if the title was a reminiscence to the space ship “Discovery” that appeared in Arthur C. Clarke’s Novel “2001″. Featuring some references to recurring themes of my own (and foreign) songs.


  • Electro Dance: One of my more interesting tunes featuring lots of great samples from the Kawai K4 synthesizer and nice harmonies.


  • The Factory II: The second part of a melancholic tune dedicated to pieceworkers in a factory. Featuring a great factory machine sample. Unfortunately the first part (The Factory I) is lost.
  • Find a Way: Monumental tune with some really nice samples - among those someone singing “Find a way to me”. No idea where I got that from.
  • Fire In Rotenburg: I went for a weekend vacation with a girl I liked (maybe more). We met her sister and some other friends in the town “Rotenburg an der Fulda”. Besides half of one night it was a horrible weekend for me. I hated it. Burn baby, burn…
  • Flexatone: I have absolutely no idea what a flexatone is… any takers? :) There’s a nice voice sample in this song.
  • F*ck up the volume: Behind this *cough* odd title lays one of my earlier works with a dumb brain sample and an uninspired collection of laser zaps, a bassline, an orchestra hit and a telephone call sample. *sigh*


  • Game Over: I always wanted to write a game on the AMIGA. I started on a few but never finished one. This is the game over music for one of those game fragments.
  • Game Over ‘89: The original game-over music had a nice melody. This is a reprise with some new samples.
  • Git-Song: Based around a nice lead guitar sample, this guitar song tells a story. Note the drum phrase which is modelled after a song by the hip hopper “Tone-Loc”.


  • Harjakiri: One of my best pieces feauturing an exceptional drum track and nice guitars. This module was written for my famous AMIGA demo “Hypnotic Circles”.
  • Heavy’n'Hard: A reminiscent to the game “Hard’n'Heavy” (The Great Giana Sisters II) using some samples and trying to recreate kind of a dark mood full of suspense. The drum track was inspired by a fellow AMIGA musician called “Mark II”.
  • Hell is waiting: Odd dramatic theme featuring samples from the SIEL Opera 6 and the Yamaha RX5 drum machine.
  • Heroine: Soft and melodic tune featuring a great choir sample.
  • Hit me: Strange collection of different themes.
  • HQC - Heavy Quality Crackings: This is a tribute to the first authorities in the AMIGA demo scene. HQC - High Quality Crackings were ahead of their time. This song is variation of a theme appearing in one of their first intros - just slightly more heavy :)
  • HQC’s: Yet another tribute to the High Quality Crackings team featuring a cool voice sample saying “Thrust”.


  • I wish to lay above you: One of my first AMIGA sound tracker songs. No idea about the motivation for the title though *cough* :)


  • KreuzQuer: Odd theme collection featuring samples taken of recordings by Sven Väth - a famous DJ and music producer from Frankfurt/Main, Germany.


  • Little Theme: Nothing spectactular - a lead choir plus drums in the Mark II style.
  • LPA Theme: LPA Theme featuring some old-style arpeggios.


  • Mega LPA Mix: Pretty long and Monumental piece featuring the theme from “Bitte Bitte” by the German group “Die Ärzte” and a lot of miscellaneous other themes.


  • Now or Never: Dark and calm theme featuring LPA’s ubiquitous orchestra hits ;)


  • Oldie Time: A collection of patterns from older LPA songs.


  • Paperboy Title Theme: Title theme of a game I never finished.
  • Popcorn: Cover version of the famous instrumental song “Popcorn”
  • Psychoanalysis I: Dark and mysterious theme featuring samples from the C64 game “Impossible Mission”
  • Psychoanalysis II: Dark and pulsating theme. One of my favourite songs for driving through the night.


  • Red Castle: Starting out calm and dark then fading into something more happy. A lot more happy. Featuring Psygnosis drum samples.


  • School: A dull piece. The only thing worth mentioning are the drums.
  • ShortPut: Nothing spectacular except some nice pizzicato endings and once again samples from the SIEL Opera 6.
  • Siren: Tiny little melody and some nice drum patterns. Then a siren appears.
  • Siren ‘89: Basically a copy of Siren (see above) which later on fades into “Being Boiled” by “The Human League”.
  • Sisters: A cover version of “Geschwisterliebe” by the german band “Die Ärzte” :)
  • Skirts: One of the rare happy tunes with a nice and cute melody. No idea about the title *g*. The second part of the song features a weired voice sample saying “Mann ich hab’ kein Bock” which translates roughly into of “Gee - I’m not motivated.” :)
  • Song: Now this is an inspired title… seriouslyly though, quite a long and monumental piece featuring a reprise of “Beware of Traps” (see above) and some obligatory orchestra hits.
  • Suicide: Laser and roboter samples plus a pulsating drum track based on the “Harjakiri” (see above) - which explains the title reference.
  • Superman: This is totally insane. The whole thing is just crazy especially because of the braindead voice samples, among these one singing “Shallallalaaaa” :) I had a lot of fun when I composed that.
  • Supervisor: One of my favourites. A majestic piece featuring trumpets and other interesting samples from the Kawai K4 forming some broad harmonies.
  • Supreme Loader: Pretty minimalistic thing I wrote as a loader music - that is a song that plays while the application loads more data into RAM. Yes that was no problem in the 80s on the AMIGA.


  • Taurus 7: Music from the asteroid Taurus 7.
  • The Bright Location: One of my first soundtracker modules. Nice pulsating piece with a fresh melody.
  • Techno Club: Nothing techno-style, really. More or less a dark piece with some metallic sounds.
  • Tempest: I got a new action game called “Barbarians”, where two fighters fight with swords. This game featured some great sword-on-sword sounds which I used in this tune. The rest is less spectactular.
  • Testsong: Besides that uhmm…. semi-inspired title it’s a short and pretty dull thing.
  • The Flag: This is great! A really nice guitar song with a story telling melody, a solid song layout and a nice sound mix. Definitly one of my best.
  • The Last: A mix of distorted guitars and fat drums. Not the strongest melody though.
  • Theme of Magic: Title theme of one of my game fragments. This time it was an adventure game which hasn’t been completed :(
  • The Thieves: One of my earlier works. This one was initially been released with the name “Les Cambrioleurs” which was a new word I learned in my french class in school. When it got distributed, one of our distributors renamed it and eventually it got famous. I kept the name.
  • Thinking ‘89: Modest and rather calm piece. Seems named like a song named “Thinking” which unfortunately got lost…
  • Thrust Me: One of my rare happy tunes. Written for a intro loader when I was a member of “Thrust”.
  • Tubular Bells: A bow to Mike Oldfield, the original composer of Tubular Bells.


  • Uninvited: A marvellous module. Great drums, an outstanding synthesizer and some good melodies. Now if I would know what synthesizer was produced to create that pad sound… mmmh….


  • Vanessa: AMIGA adaption of an old song I wrote together with my friend Oliver Linge. Dedicated (of course) to a really young and fresh girl I met when I was in school.
  • Vanessa II: Remix of “Vanessa” (see above) with some higher quality samples.
  • Vanessa Remix: Yet another remix embracing the “Vanessa” theme (see above).

If you have something that sounds like it’s mine, please notify me :-)